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You have seen my photo for more than 3 seconds. Thank You! LoL :)

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I am Liberato Gibboni, Web Developer, Web Designer, Social Media Manager based in Salerno. National and international customers have relied on me for design, implementation, and management of their digital products. As a freelancer, I works also with web agencies, companies, startups and individuals to create somethings new :) . Also, I'm a Techno Deejay and love photography..

Liberato Gibboni- Liberato Gibboni Liberato Gibboni- Liberato Gibboni


The portfolio of Liberato Gibboni, a young Italian dj

Liberato Gibboni- Barbara Scerbo Liberato Gibboni- Liberato Gibboni


The portfolio of Barbara Scerbo, a young Sicilian designer

Liberato Gibboni- Userbot Liberato Gibboni- Userbot


Website of Userbot Human + Artificial Intelligence

Liberato Gibboni- 200crowd Liberato Gibboni- 200crowd


UX/UI design of equity crowdfunding portal

I'm always interested about cool stuff. Are you minding a project? Let’s talk.